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Mobiles out number computers by 10 to 1 worldwide and are helping change the web's infrastructure in many ways.

Think about that for a moment mobiles out number computers 10 to 1 well how many of you carry computers around with you all the time? What about mobile phones, yes that's right the majority of us do.

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and many others are spending 100's of millions on building the mobile platform for a generation of interaction and communications (web 3.0) with services such as Geo targeting and mobile search live.

These mobile sectors are revolutionising the way people communicate, interact, play games, share information and monitor each others personal locations and much much more.

Traditional communication platforms are rapidly being overun by new and emerging communication channels and technologies. Mobile marketing is the next big thing.

Businesses need to explore mobile channels now to see how they can help their companies continue to grow well into the future.

Not only can mobile applications help target consumers but they can help drive workplace efficiency and significantly reduce overall workplace costs.

During these tough times mobiles offer real benefits to companies who are prepared to venture into the next big thing.

But won't it be expensive? not if you know how to do it right.

The investment required is quite minimal but could be a great investment for the future.

We will be keeping you right up to date here at Digital Media Consultants Leeds, with all the latest information regarding mobile phones and how they are already having an effect on the web's infrastructure.

If you would like to know more then make sure you contact us to keep ahead of the game.

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"Delivering You More Sales, Cost Effectively." - Digital Media Consultants

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